TBOC Flags Back In Stock!

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TBOC Flags Back In Stock!

We are pleased to announce today that the long-awaited TBOC flags are back in stock with a limited quantity. The flags are an improved version compared to the last lot from 2016 with brilliant colors and metal lugs to hoist. Besides the replenishment of the existing designs, we now offer for the first time a "mini" version of the TBOC Worldwide flag, which is the right size to be attached to backpacks, luggage, car radio antennas, and similar items.

We restocked/added the following club flags:

  • TBOC Flag Worldwide – Large – 150 x 90 cm (60 x 36 Inches)
  • TBOC Flag Worldwide (NEW) – XSmall – 40 x 30 cm (16 x 12 Inches)
  • TBOC Flag Bearded SEAL – Medium – 90 x 60 cm (36 x 24 Inches)
  • TBOC Flag Bearded SEAL – Small – 60 x 45 cm  (24 x 18 Inches)

Limited Quantity: Get yours now, the flags are strictly limited in quantity and are available only as long as supplies last!

Full Members' Exclusive: club flags are available for TBOC full members only. 

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