100% Authentic Tactical Beard Owners Club

TBOC Supply is the official one-and-only supply source for original fan and members-only merchandise and gear items of Tactical Beard Owners Club.

Welcome to TBOC Supply!

In 2018, Tactical Beard Owners Club set a new milestone. TBOC Merchandise and TBOC Gear received their place, and for the first time in the history of the club, merchandise is also officially available for followers and fans!

We decided to launch the shop under the condition that followers also have something of it. So general "fan articles" are available to ALL – while some designs and especially "TBOC Gear" are only available to full members. We took ten months of tremendous work to prepare the shop, and we are very proud of the results.

TBOC Apparel with TBOC Supply Brand logo and selected accessories such as TBOC coffee mugs are just a start. We opened the shop with about 80 products/variants*, and we are now way beyond 150. In the future, we'll provide again for the legendary TBOC Patches, new fashionable apparel with all kinds of beard-related designs/topics, and in addition to that new premium TBOC Gear (members' exclusive).

*Some products are club members' exclusive and are not available for fans.